Music of The Plants device brought to you by Nature’s Spiral


Reconnect with nature by listening to her music.


The plant world communicates with us daily and loves to make music. We can’t hear them because their sound waves are out of our hearing spectrum.


Using The Music of The Plants device and a speaker, you will be able to hear the music they create. Just attach the clip to a leaf and connect with the root system, adjust the device and hear them sing.

Plants can sense sound and feel. They can listen to a musician play a beautiful piece of music and can join in playing the same tune. Plants are discerning and will play along with music like Mozart. Play heavy rock to them and they are silent! Plants learn to control the music when interacting with different artists and stimuli.


The Music of The Plants device captures the electromagnetic variations of the surface on the leaves and their root systems producing sounds.


Musica delle Piante” Music of the Plants was developed some forty years ago in a spiritual community, Damanhur, based in the Northern Piedmont area in Italy.  This community was established to develop ways of living in harmony with every form of life and energy on the planet.


For many years teams of researches with electronic backgrounds were testing plant perception. This research led to many amazing discoveries how plants can control and move objects. If a plant needed more sunlight, and they were on wheels, they could actually move the cart to where they would receive more sun.


Through this research they developed The Music of The Plants device that enables plants and trees to play music.



Nature’s Spiral imports The Music of The Plants device as well as the book, in English, ‘Music of The Plants’.

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