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Nature’s Spiral is a holistic wellness business providing an integrated approach to create awareness and understanding in individuals about the environment in which they live in. And, at the same time rediscover, awaken or expand their consciousness.


Our mission is to create opportunities for people to experience a connection with nature and music through the use of innovative technologies.


Nature’s Spiral :

  • Imports Music of The Plants devices and the book “Music of The Plants”

  • Arranges presentations and talks:

    • Presentations and talks -Educational and Interactive at schools and the workplace

    • Plant and tree ceremonies

    • Plant and tree music concerts

    • Educational walks in nature, learn about the plant and listen to the Music of the Plants

    • Sound healing

    • Plant perception research

      • Hire Music of the Plants devices for your working environment or private function


The spiral is fundamental in nature and the trinity manifests throughout nature and other aspects of life.

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